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What are the benefits of a fast-track course?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

When you decide to learn Dutch, there are many options available to you. You can study at home with the help of books, the internet or even apps nowadays. There is also the option of attending a Dutch evening class or a weekly Dutch conversation group. However, some people feel that this isn’t enough, and they aren’t progressing as quickly as they would like, and wonder why…

Home study is great to set the background to learning a language, expanding your vocabulary, learning or improving reading skills. However, your speaking and listening skills are unlikely to improve very much. You need to practice each skill in order to improve in that area, so unless you are speaking Dutch and listening to Dutch, you probably won’t see any real improvement.

Weekly Dutch lessons are a great start and very useful if you have a busy life and can only find a couple of hours a week to dedicate to your Dutch studies. The benefit of intensive study and of private Dutch intensive courses for example, is that you don’t have any time to forget what you have learnt in between lessons, so your brain can build on those blocks more effectively. Another real advantage of taking a private online fast-track course is that you start to ‘think’ in Dutch as you are using Dutch for most of your day. The more comfortable you feel with Dutch, the more automatic speaking it and understanding it will come. Taking a private online fast-track course allows your teacher to vary the content, tasks and methods used during the course which is the best way to hold students’ interest and motivation. Another benefit of a private Dutch intensive course is that because you have blocked off this time to dedicate to Dutch studies, then you are less likely to be interrupted with continual distractions, and you can focus on mastering the Dutch language. The other real benefit is that intensive study or immersion really works, so the student progresses and this in itself is motivation enough to continue with another Dutch Intensive Course, therefore enabling the student to improve even more!

You can find more information about private online fast-track courses on this page:

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