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Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll down to find the answers to the frequently asked questions.

How do I know at which level I should start?

Have a look at our level page or take our quick level test on the courses page.

Do you provide training for the inburgering or Nt2 exams?

YES, of course! We've helped many internationals obtain their language certification (required as a part of the Dutch Citizenship process). We have a 100% success rate.
Private Dutch courses allow you to improve your Dutch grammar, reading-, writing-, listening- and speaking skills. We can help you with conversation classes and prepare for exams with our teacher by working with past Nt2 exams. Be ready to pass your Dutch exams!

How can I pay for the course?

We will send you an invoice for the course of your choice. You can always schedule a free 15-minute meeting first, to see if the course is suitable for you.

How do I plan my lessons?

Let us know what days and times are convenient for you, and we will find a suitable time, and schedule a customised course together with you.

How much time do I need to invest?

Our courses are set at your own pace, as you personally plan them with your teacher. If you don't know where to start, we usually recommend 1,5 or 2-hour lessons each in order to reach your personal goal(s). After a 10-hour to 20-hour private course with a teacher you will improve your Dutch by one level. (Excluding the amount of time you spend on homework). You can choose between a regular course and a fast-track course, if you want to learn Dutch fast.

Can I use my own course books?

YES, of course! Our Dutch courses are designed for you, to suit your personal learning style and level. Prior to starting the course we will design a tailor-made course for you. If you already have a textbook you like, we're happy to use it. Otherwise, we have our own unique materials, websites, apps, games, props and other course books available for you.

Is VAT included in the price?

Our courses are exempt from VAT (vrijgesteld van BTW), as the Dutch government agrees that Dutch courses are essential for expats to work, live and feel at home.

Can I have a trial lesson before I sign up for a course?

YES, you can. Finding the right ‘match’ with a teacher is key. That's why we offer a 30-minute trial lesson to get to know your language teacher and the unique Dutch of Course method. You can book a trial lesson (at a cost of €20) on the contact form (at the bottom of the page).

How do I know which course is right for me?

You can take our level test to see what you already know. This will give you an idea of which course is best for you. If you have any questions about your level, contact us for a 15-minute intake. You can also have a look at our different levels on the courses page.

Will I get a certificate?

After completing the course, you will get a certificate. The certificate will testify that you have completed the Dutch course (at an attendance of at least 80% of the programme). This is not an official language certificate, as only government organizations are authorized to issue these.

Do you provide couples courses?

YES, we offer Dutch lessons for couples. Enjoy learning together with your partner! Learning Dutch will be more motivating (and romantic) when you can challenge each other and improve your Dutch language skills together. Contact us to learn more about our couples courses.

Are there any other course packages?

YES, there are. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities for you and your company:

Why Dutch of Course?

Dutch of Course offers various unique Dutch language courses. Our experienced and energetic teacher focusses on a practical approach towards mastering the Dutch language, in your own learning style. Dutch of Course is dedicated to connecting expats and locals. In addition to private courses we also offer corporate packages for individuals and small groups. Now that you are here, feel free to have a look at the rest of our website and start your journey with Dutch of Course!

Can't find your answer?

Please feel free to ask your question(s) via email and we'll be happy to discuss our online Dutch courses with you and your company.

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