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How to pass the Nt2 exams

Updated: Apr 24

State exams (Nt2 Staaatsexamens) are available on two levels.

State Exam I and State Exam II. State Exam I equals language level B1. This level is necessary for following a course at MBO level, like most courses at the ROC.

State Exam II equals level B2. This level is at least required for following a course at a higher professional education or university.

You can practice all parts of the state exam B1. You can also first view a state exam example. The following components are included for Nt2 State Exam Practice B2 example:

  • a state exam example

  • Nt2 exam reading practice online

  • Nt2 listening exercises B2

  • staatsexam Nt2 speak

  • fluency in Dutch Nt2

  • practice knm exam

Choose below for the Staatsexamen Nt2 B1 exercises or the Staatsexamens Nt2 B2 exercises:

Good luck and enjoy studying! / Succes en veel plezier met leren!


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