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How an email from a student brightened my day

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Today I received a heart-warming email from a former student of mine. I wanted to share it with you, to show you what my students can achieve by hard work, determination, motivation and tenacity. Thank you for the team work, Sarah. I am so happy you have reached your goal and started working as a nurse in the Netherlands. We need people like you, especially now.

Question #1: “What was your biggest fear before contacting Dutch of Course? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?”

My biggest fear was that I would make a fool of myself and not know enough Dutch to understand the questions or answer the questions. I thought I would be told there is no way you are going to pass your NT2 exam, or I should not go to the interview! What happened instead was Judit was friendly and empathetic. She made it seem easier and less scary. She would work with you and if one way of saying a sentence was too tricky she would give you alternatives and simpler ways to construct the sentence.

Question #2: What, specifically, was your favourite part of private (online) training with Dutch of Course, and why?”

Judit was always pleased to see me and genuinely interested in the challenges I was facing with the language and how best to make it easier. She helped me prepare for my NT2 exams, I never thought I would pass them but with her encouragement and help, I did! Judit also gave me invaluable interview practice training. Judit gave me so much encouragement and made it seem possible. Without Judit I would not have gone to do the interview in Dutch. I did the interview and got the job!

And lastly, #3: “If you were to recommend Dutch of Course to your best friend, what would you say?”

I would say... Go and contact Dutch of Course! Judit is really friendly and will work with you with whatever challenges you are facing with the Dutch language. Whether it is preparation for exams, an interview or just a general chat in Dutch, she will make it easier and far less scary. Judit is such a positive person, and she makes you just have a go. Before you know it you have passed your exams and managed to get a job!

Contact Dutch of Course to schedule a free 15-minute meeting and discuss your personal goals:

What is your current level of Dutch? Feel free to take a Dutch level test:

What are your personal goals for 2021? Are you ready to master your Dutch language skills?

Are you short on time and want to learn Dutch fast? Would you prefer to take your time learning Dutch?

  • Learn Dutch and improve your proficiency level in only 2 to 15 weeks.

  • Private online courses with an experienced teacher.

  • Time investment: minimum of 2 to 4.5 hours per week. (1 to 3 lessons per week)

  • Suitable for all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced. What is your Dutch level? Click here to see our levels

  • Take a quick, free level test and find out your current level of Dutch

  • Master the basics, pass the inburgeringsexamen, Nt2 Staatsexamen, find your dream job in the Netherlands and speak Dutch with confidence! ~ much more than 'just' learning Dutch


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