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Hello 2021! Are you ready to boost your Dutch this year?

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

What is your current level of Dutch? Are you ready to boost your Dutch language skills?

When in doubt, please have a look at our level page, where you can find our quick level test, and feel free to contact us if you would like to have a more accurate impression of your overall level of Dutch.

Why should you learn Dutch?

  • Learning Dutch opens a new world, and will help you expand your network.

  • Learning Dutch helps with practicalities of everyday life.

  • Learn Dutch to gain more independence.

  • Speaking Dutch will boost your confidence.

  • Maybe you need to pass the inburgeringsexamen or Staatsexamen?

  • Maybe you would like to work for a Dutch company in the future and speak Dutch with your new colleagues?

  • In jobs where you might be communicating with people, guests, or clients, it can be beneficial to show an employer that you understand some Dutch, and that you want to boost your Dutch language skills!

You can enroll in one of our Dutch courses for individuals or our courses for companies.

Schedule a free 15-minute meeting if you want to master your Dutch language skills, and discuss your personal goals with your language tutor:


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