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"Encouraging, efficient, energetic… Open for questions and discussions"

I had no particular fears before contacting Judit, as Dutch of Course came highly recommended by a friend of mine. However, I had some apprehension about my improvement regarding my weekly one-hour course. Finally, I really feel that I have improved my speaking skills and I am now able to converse in Dutch without fear. As a true professional, Judit identified my needs and focussed on conversation. I ended the course with more determination to practice my new language skills in my daily life.
I never got bored during my course with Judit and we managed to have really enriching conversations despite my poor level of Dutch (in the beginning). I also liked her advice on how integrating into Dutch culture.
By signing up for a course with Dutch of Course you will improve your Dutch, the teacher will totally adapt to your personality and way of learning and you will meet a great person!

~ Gaëlle Renault /  Direct Procurement – International buyer


“Judit is a very thorough teacher, and she will make sure that you are making the expected progress, without taking shortcuts. But she’s also very relaxed and easy-going about it, which creates a fun atmosphere – so don’t worry, you will not feel “back in school”! She’s very flexible and will adjust to your requirements. So if you want to achieve your goals and have fun doing it, Judit is the teacher for you!”

~ Danny Gendelman / Amdocs